CHIPS Magazine Info

Download our Magazine Info here [660KB PDF Document]


  • National coverage
  • Four issues per year
  • Minimum pages – 48
  • £1 cover price and distributed free with any purchase to every CHIPS’ customer
  • Minimum print run – 40,000 per issue
  • More than 3,000 PDF magazines downloaded in six weeks
  • By Spring 2008, CHIPS had more than 30 outlets from Glasgow to the south coast with more stores planned
  • Features key titles; covers both new and current top releases; hardware and accessories plus back catalogue
  • Opportunities for sponsorship, co-promotions and competitions


  • Core customers are 18 to 35-year-old males
  • More than 500,000 customers visited CHIPS in 2006

Debra McCabe, CHIPS Marketing Manager edits the magazine. Email:

Debra McCabe Email:

FOR EDITORIAL – contact Debra McCabe  email

Prices are for press-ready artwork only

Full page £1,000 10% discount – series bookings of 5 insertions
Outside back cover £1,500 10% discount – series bookings of 5 insertions
Double page spread £1,800 10% discount – series bookings of 5 insertions
Other sizes POA We are able to offer half and quarter pages, strips and sponsored sections


Trim Bleed
DPS 297 x 420mm 303 x 426mm
Page 297 x 210mm 303 x 216mm

Also available:

  • Covermounts
  • Bellywraps
  • Loose Inserts
  • Bound-in inserts
  • Bound on outsert
  • Sponsored polywrap (mono)
  • Sponsored polywrap (colour)
  • Poster single-sided
  • Poster double-sided
  • Supplements/guides

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to get you a competitive price.

We prefer to accept advertising in Pass 4 Press PDF format. The pass4press job options file can be downloaded from and put in your Acrobat Distiller settings folder. Please contact us about other file formats.

  • Files should be PDF version 1.3.
  • Supply files as composite CMYK.
  • The file should not contain any transparent elements.
  • Files should contain crop marks.All images contained within the PDF should be high resolution (300dpi recommended) CMYK format.
  • All fonts should be embedded.
  • Files should not contain TrueType or Multiple Master fonts.
  • Pseudo italics and pseudo bold fonts should not be used.
  • Any trapping requirements should be applied by the file creator.
  • Combined colour ink density should not exceed 300%.


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