Faisal Ali – ex franchisee CHIPS Chorlton

Why I chose franchising?

I chose franchising as it involves a proven business model. In the case of CHIPS, the backup of experienced industry insiders is a valuable asset to running the business.

What I did before taking up franchising?

I worked for British Gas for a few years. Before that, I was studying for a Digital Arts degree so that I could gain employment in the Video Games/CGI industry. Previously I had worked with my father for a number of years in the fashion manufacturing industry.

How I raised the finance:

Partly through savings and some from a bank loan.

The training and support I received from CHIPS:

A solid two weeks training in two different stores. One was company-owned and the other a franchised store. I have also received running support since day one with very few hiccups.

The challenges I have faced:

Learning to communicate the very concept of CHIPS has been one of the greatest challenges as people in my locality had not previously been aware of the buy/sell/trade ethic before. Overcoming a break-in into the store quite soon after opening was also a major challenge but it was eased no end thanks to the guys at CHIPS Headquarters and their affiliates.

My advice to someone thinking of buying their first franchise:

Ask as many questions as you can. Satisfy yourself that THIS is the business you want to be in. Go to a few branches, talk with the franchisees and get a feel for the business. Assure yourself that this is something you WANT to do on a daily basis.

My plans for the future:

Open a second CHIPS franchise after firmly securing the success of the first and hopefully grow to a number of stores.


Faisal has left the CHIPS franchise system and has reopened his store as Joypad Games

CHIPS wishes Faisel all the best for the future

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