CHIPS video games customers are in line for a real polished performance – thanks to Consett store manager Pat Spry.

The John Street store manager has scooped top prize in a national competition and her prize has so impressed the CHIPS MDs they are rolling out the Disc-Go-Devil disc repair machine to stores across the country.

Pat, who has worked at CHIPS Consett for the last six years, entered Total Disc Repair’s competition with the slogan:

I love my disc repair machine because…’s tough, it’s mean and gets umpteen discs clean, customers happy hence the broad gleam.

Polished performer Pat Spry with her prize

Polished performer Pat Spry with her prize

TDR was so impressed it awarded Pat the top prize of a new machine worth £895, which removes scratches from DVDs, game discs and CDs. She also received a starter pack and the support of TDR’s marketing for six months.

The machine now has pride of place in CHIPS Consett and customers can take their discs into store and have them repaired at a cost of £3 each.

“I can’t believe I have won,” said Pat. “When TDR called me up I was speechless. My boss James Tildesley, who owns the store, is also delighted.

“The repair machine means we can offer customers a great service, cleaning up their scratched discs so they can play their CDs, DVDs and games again.”

The machine has also impressed CHIPS Joint Managing Director Nik Agar so much he is planning to roll the machines out to CHIPS stores across the country.

“We have tried other repair machines in the past but I think the Disc-Go-Devil is excellent,” he said.

“Thanks to Pat, not only will CHIPS Consett customers benefit from the service it can offer, but our other customers at our stores across the country will too.”

There are 30 CHIPS stores across the UK from Scotland to the south coast. CHIPS is the UK’s biggest independent video games chain and all stores buy, sell and trade new and secondhand consoles, games and accessories.

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